Learning By Doing

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Education means to educated someone or to help him/her from not understand until understand. Education is a process of learning that someone teach other not lecturing because it’s a process to both of them not just one. But, nowadays the true essence of educating and education has change. Students especially in Indonesia is force to study and just study from a thing called “text book”, they have to carry a lot of heavy books everyday at their bag. From morning to noon they have to study, study and study they can’t learn about the society and the the place where they are leaving because they already tired with their study based on the text books. What make scarier is after students get a lot of pressure from the school, they also get a lot of pressure at the house, parents force their children to join a lot of courses from math, chemical, and many more course with a simple reason, their children must get a top mark at school so they will be have a good future. But, who can prove it?

Base on the data 50% unemployed person have a bachelor degree with a good score and of course there is a reason to explain this situation. Students start from kindergarten always told that if you want to have a good future you must study hard, and be the best. Don’t think about other just do it for yourself, get a good score with everything you can, even cheat if you have to, and I can say that it’s true. Students will do everything to get a good score at school, because if they don’t, their parent will be angry and punish them and it really happen with my cousin. If he get a bad score his parent will punish him. So, he will do anything to get a good score. To help my argument I already did a small research about it. I collect a data from an elementary students from first grade until third grade and from 15 students which I asked 10 of them said that they will choose cheating to get a good score because their parent will give them a present.

School and college is a place where we can get a good education. It not a pressure cooker that always press and make students compete each other to get a good score. If you just study based on the text book do you really believe that you can memorize everything from it? I don’t need to do a research to get the answer because I believe the answer will be no. Who can memorize all subjects that written on books? But, nowadays even all of us know that and realize it that no one can remember all books that they read, why students still need to study using this way? What students need is a practice about morale, how they act in the society, and how they act in real world not just based on text book. It’s no use to have a good brain. But, don’t have a good characteristic. In Indonesia students always forced to study, study, and study. Parents and teachers don’t care about their attitude, it’s very different with Australia. I once read an article that make me realize how bad Indonesia education is, “In Australia all of elementary teacher said that they don’t feel they failure if their students can’t geed a good score. But, they will be feel failure if their students are cheating to get a good score”. In Indonesia  teachers don’t care about that problem. Students will be forced to get a good score and if they don’t they will be not graduate, and what make is worse is teachers doesn't care from where students get that score, “cheat if you have to. But, you must do it carefully and don’t let me know” this is a word from my Senior high school teacher and I still remember it until now. When I ask  my friend from Elementary Education faculty, she said that, the method that Indonesia use is a bad method, where the teacher stand in front of students and give them one way lecture and it’s really boring, also students must bring a certain book for a certain subject. So, if there are seven subjects in a day, students must bring seven text books in same day beside their note books. She also said that compare to the other country like Finland, Indonesia Method is so scary. Education in Indonesia is full of test and homework  But, in Finland there is just a few test and there is no national test until students finish their high school and take matriculation examination to enter college. In Indonesia homework is very important to teach students about discipline. But, in Finland homework only take a half hour maximum of students time at home. There are only a few teachers who can create a nice study atmosphere, most of teachers still use one-way method to teach students and it just make students boring. In Finland  teachers always teach in fun way and students is divided by small group, so they can improve more and more active. Because, active students is a key to success.

From what my friend told me, I can make a conclusion that Indonesia learning method must be changed and to do that we can send a letter to the government and tell them about it. We also can tell the headmaster or a school principal about this issue, are they want to create a robot that only know about study or they want to create human with a heart. Also we can talk to parents about this education method. Are parents really realize it that with this kind of learning method they slowly make their child into an anti-social person and only know about how to live inside a book not live in the society.



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